I adopted Tiny from A single person who owned her and let her dearly. I love her dearly as well, but I have too many family members who visit and are allergic to cats. She is the prettiest cat ever She does not scratch up furniture or jump up on anything.
Misty is a sweet cat! She was given as a gift from a shelter when she was just a kitten. She is seven years old now. She is looking for a home that provides love, patience, fun and lots of cuddles. She loves to be scratched and stroked underneath her chin and on the bridge of her nose. She also loves to lie next to her owner and purr softly while being stroked on her back. She is low maintenanc...
Ollie has been with us for almost five years and seeks attention! He loves to play and run around the house chasing fuzzy balls and treats. His purr can be heard throughout the house and he will sleep curled up at your feet every night. He's been a fantastic member of our family since he was a kitten but with recent work schedule changes, we've been unable to handle his high energy demands. Thi...
7-Nov-2018Leander, TX+12 milesCats for Adoption
We adopted Bella from a shelter, from the beginning she did not get along well with any of the three dogs we had. We have kept her for the past four years trying everything we can think of to make her feel accepted and at home with the others but it has gotten to the point that our smallest dog even refuses to come in the house when he hears her, and shivers in fear. We have tried a Catio in a ...
My friend from work had a litter of cats and i took one. I named him Milo that is about to turn three years old. He is potty trained and has all his shots up today. i trim his claws every 2 weeks so he is use to having them cut with ease. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment and I feel there is just not enough space. My cat is also a bitter and doesn t like guest coming over (could be beca...
Hello everyone, Please meet Stella Artois, Stella Bella, or my personal favorite Ni Ni Mi (Ni Ni for short). She is a 5-year-old indoor tabby cat that is spayed. Some facts about Stella she likes to be held enjoys sitting by the sun, is quite vocal and enjoys a chat (hence where Ni Ni came from it's cat language), she'll hang out on shoulders when you walk around, lay on your chest, and my pers...
Callie is a demure little lady that showed up at my house about a year ago. She's white with a gray tail and ears, soft and silky. In January I managed to catch her and her 3 little babies and began socializing them. I kept them in a spare room for 2 weeks, loving on them and playing as much as possible, and everybody adapted beautifully! So I took them to the Georgetown Regional Animal rescue ...
Harley is a very sweet cat and I got her when I was single. Since then, I have gotten married, gotten a dog and have a kid on the way. We thought her and the dog would eventually get along, but that has not been the case. She hides most of the day since our dog will pester her if she comes out. With a baby on the way, I know that it will be even harder to give her the attention that she needs. ...
Beijing is a diabetic cat at approx 6 yrs old. He eats canned and dry food and gets a shot of insulin twice a day. I am unable to care for him anymore because I am going to college soon. He is neutered and litterbox trained. We are located in Round Rock, TX in Williamson County. He is a very loving cat. He gets along with our small dogs good. Not sure about big dogs or other cats.
My cat, Mr. Spooks is a very beloved family friendly companion of 12 yrs. Unfortunately, I can not bring him across the country with me as I'm moving across the country. He is strictly an indoor cat whom whom loves when I let him bask in the sun on my balcony. He also likes to climb up and perch himself on the highest shelf and look across the room. He is a delightful cat that purely delights i...
5-Nov-2018Leander, TX+12 milesCats for Adoption
Tuesday is a loving, but shy cat, with a fun personality. She is an brown striped American Short hair and about three or 4 yrs old. Tuesday is an indoor cat only and has been spayed and de-clawed. She does just fine with my children, but needs to be an only pet. She loves to chase laser pointers, feathers and bottle caps. She is a nice companion when you watch movies.
All Pflugerville Animal rescue shelter pets are up-to-date on shots, spayed/neutered, micro chipped. Pflugerville Animal rescue shelter 1600 Waterbrook Drive Pflugerville, TX 78660 512.990.XXXX 11am - 6pm, closed Wed. and city holidays. XXXX@pflugervilletx.gov...
All Pflugerville Animal rescue shelter pets are up-to-date on shots, spayed/neutered, micro chipped. Pflugerville Animal rescue shelter 1600 Waterbrook Drive Pflugerville, TX 78660 512.990.XXXX 11am - 6pm, closed Wed. and city holidays. XXXX@pflugervilletx.gov...
Per Foster: The tiniest of all of them but don't let that fool you! She can hold her own like the best of them. Her non audible meow is always great for a laugh and it's hard to not giggle at the tongue that always seems to be sticking out of her mouth.
Per Foster: Plays hard and falls hard. Never fails to fall asleep in the most unusual places and unusual times.
Per Foster: The 2nd smallest of the litter. Adorable as can be yet full of fire. Eager to be the center of attention and give kisses.
Per Foster: The largest of the bunch. Don't get in his way if he's hungry... which is ALL the time! Precious and cuddly. Will climb right up your leg to snuggle in by your neck.
Hi Everyone! Meet Nala! If your looking for a new companion to sit in your lap and watch your favorite shows, Nala is your kitty. She is so loving and honestly just wants to be loved all day. She is so tolerant and my young children will lay on her and play with her and she never complains. She s been both and Indoor and outdoor cat and has been great with both. Ideally she would probably be an...
14-Oct-2018Leander, TX+12 milesCats for Adoption
I got Bradford when a family friends cat had kittens. At 1st he was really adorable but all of a sudden he started to get more aggressive. My roommate has a 2yr old and Bradford has started to scratch and bite, even when unprovoked. We have to keep him away from the child which makes him mad and he gets more aggressive! We have tried all the methods of getting him to stop with no success. He wi...
13-Oct-2018Hutto, TX+10 milesCats for Adoption
Rescued cat in Round Rock, found at the store by employees. Took home to take car/assist and make sure he was ok. He is about six months old and super sweet. He is not fixed or de-clawed. Unfortunately my lease does not allow pets so I can not take care of him any further. Looking for a home for him as soon as possible as my complex would like him out. I do have the items/ toys/ food I have bou...
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